First Aid

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First aid to victims of accidents and sudden illnesses –is a set of urgent measures aimed at stopping the damaging factor, eliminating the threat to life, alleviating the suffering of the victim and preparing him for sending to a medical institution.

“Integro Expert Kazakhstan ” LLP conducts first aid courses, where employees of the organization learn to take timely measures to preserve the life and health of the victim. Experienced teachers will teach you what are the rules for providing first aid to yourself and other employees at work, how to behave in a particular situation, and how to prevent emergencies

First Aid

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Issued documents:

Training time:
According to the approved curriculum.

Validity period of documents:
3 years old

Contingent of persons without medical education who are subject to mandatory first aid courses:

1) employees of internal affairs bodies engaged in operational and other activities related to interaction with the population;

2) military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, bodies of the national or state security service, National Guard troops;

3) employees of the fire service;

4) rescuers of the emergency service;

5) crew members of air, water and railway transport;

6) drivers of all types of public motor vehicles;

7) employees of departmental and private security organizations;

8) employees of educational organizations (teachers of all types of educational institutions, employees of preschool and educational institutions);

9) employees of hazardous production facilities;

10) employees of healthcare organizations who do not have a medical education.

In case of violation of training requirements by the employer, the following liability measures are provided:

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