Fire safety

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As part of the course, course participants will get acquainted with the requirements of industrial safety at a hazardous production facility, study modern standards of legislation considered in accordance with the current state of the regulatory framework.

Industrial safety

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Issued documents:


Certificate (of the established sample)

Training time:

40 hours

Validity of documents:

3 years

The legislation imposes increased requirements for the industrial safety of hazardous production facilities. These include oil, gas, energy, mining (mining and metallurgical), chemical enterprises.

Industrial safety training is a mandatory procedure that managers and employees working at hazardous production facilities (HPF) must undergo. The latter include industrial zones where harmful and explosive chemicals are stored and operated, mining and mining operations are carried out, ores and metal structures are smelted. In addition , HPFs are:

  • Lifting mechanisms
  • Pressure vessels
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Energy facilities

In case of violation of the training requirements by the employer, the following liability measures are provided:

  • for responsible officials – a fine in the amount of (tenge);
  • for legal entities – a fine in the amount of (tenge), or administrative suspension of activity for up to a ______  days.

In case of repeated violations, disqualification for a period of 1 to 3 years is possible.

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