Fire-technical minimum

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The Integro Expert Kazakhstan Training Center conducts training on fire-technical minimum (FTM) for managers, chief specialists, chairmen of fire-technical commissions, persons responsible for ensuring fire safety of industrial enterprises.

Fire safety

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Issued documents:


Certificate (of the established sample) 

Training time:

40 hours

Validity of documents:

3 years


FTM training takes place in accordance with the Rules for training employees of organizations and the population in fire safety measures and the requirements for the content of training programs for fire safety training, approved by the Order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 9, 2014 No. 276 “On approval of the Rules for training employees of organizations and the population in fire safety measures” (as amended by the Order The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 16.09.2015 No. 777).

Fire-technical minimum training on the job are:

  • managers and persons responsible for fire safety;
  • employees of production facilities and storage facilities with categories of production for explosion and fire hazard A, B, C, objects with a mass stay of people;
  • workers performing gas-electric welding, gas cutting, work using blowtorches, torches, burners, cooking bitumen and work with the release of heat and sparks.

Fire and technical minimum training on the job are:

  • workers engaged in fire-hazardous work (with adhesives, mastics, bitumen, polymer and other combustible substances and materials, gas welding, electric welding, metal cutting, soldering and other fire-hazardous work);
  • employees of agricultural organizations;
  • teaching staff;
  • electricians;
  • employees engaged in the protection of organizations, with the exception of security guards of private security organizations;
  • employees of gas stations.

In case of violation of the training requirements by the employer, the following liability measures are provided:


  • for responsible officials – a fine in the amount of (tenge);
  • for legal entities – a fine in the amount of (tenge), or administrative suspension of activity for up to a _______ days.

In case of repeated violations, disqualification for a period of 1 to 3 years is possible.

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