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As an element of labor protection,
electrical safety performs a certain function — it protects a person from harmful and dangerous effects of electric current and prevents the appearance of occupational injuries and diseases caused by such effects. Electrical safety is an important component of occupational and safety systems and has a positive impact on the overall level of industrial safety. Timely completion of training and certification for knowledge of mandatory electrical safety requirements, planning before starting work and taking the right precautions can prevent negative consequences and qualitatively improve the level of professionalism of employees.

V Electrical Safety Group

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Employees of enterprises or companies with a high risk of electric shock are required to receive one of the 5 electrical safety groups. As a guarantee that the employee has the necessary qualifications, it will help to prevent him from accidents associated with improper operation of electrical equipment.

Electrical safety V group

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Issued documents:

Based on the results of training and testing of knowledge, they receive a certificate of the established form, which indicates the electrical safety group assigned to them and the minutes of the meeting of the permanent examination commission.

Training time:

According to the approved curriculum.

Minimum length of service required to confirm the electrical safety approval group:

12 months in the previous group, and for persons who previously confirmed the V group of electrical safety admission, at the end of one month from the moment of their employment.

Validity period of documents:

1 year

Electrical safety at work is strictly regulated by law. It also provides for a number of measures in case of violation of the requirements for training and certification of employees in electrical safety. An employee who has not completed training and knowledge testing within the established time frame may be suspended from work by a decision of the supervisory authority.

In case of violation of training requirements by the employer, the following liability measures are provided:

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