Occupational Health and safety


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One of the key priorities in the activities of any modern enterprise or organization is the prevention of accidents, the maximum reduction of the risks of any damage or damage to the health of employees. There are all kinds of harmful and dangerous production factors that can create such risks. Accordingly, to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for employees of enterprises, the organization of work on labor protection is important. To do this, it is necessary that managers and responsible specialists have a sufficient amount of relevant knowledge and skills.


Category: Labor protection

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Issued documents:


Certificate (of the established sample)

Training time:

40 hours

Validity of documents:

3 years

Occupational safety at work is strictly regulated by legislation. In particular, a number of measures are envisaged in case of violation of the requirements regarding training and certification of employees on labor protection. An employee who has not completed training and knowledge testing within the established time limits may be suspended from work by a decision of the supervisory authority.

In case of violation of the rules for ensuring safety and labor protection on the part of the employer, administrative liability is provided for small businesses or non-profit organizations in the amount of twenty, for medium-sized businesses – in the amount of thirty, for large businesses – in the amount of one hundred and twenty monthly calculation indices.

Criminal liability:

For violation of safety regulations, industrial sanitation or other labor protection rules, committed by a person who was responsible for organizing or ensuring compliance with these rules, which inadvertently caused moderate harm to health, causing serious harm to health, which inadvertently caused the death of two or more persons, is punishable by restriction of liberty for up to seven years or imprisonment for the same term, with or without deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years.

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